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Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 261/500!

The Most American Folk-Rock Ever Made: Indelible Harmonies, Spare Playing, and Gorgeous Textures Surround Masterfully Crafted Songs

Close Your Eyes As the Dead Serenade You in Your Room: MoFi SACD of American Beauty Epitomizes Realistic Space, Vocals, Instrumentation, and Ambience

Includes “Truckin’,” “Sugar Magnolia,” “Friend of the Devil,” “Ripple”
American Beauty is the most perfectly realized, superbly played, and openly natural folk-rock record ever released. They don’t make albums like this anymore, but thankfully, Mobile Fidelity’s extraordinary hybrid SACD allows you to experience this 1970 masterpiece with unrivaled intimacy, realism, detail, and perspective. The Dead might as well be sitting on a Persian carpet right in your living room.
The pinnacle of the Dead’s studio output, American Beauty lives up to its name—as well as that of the “American Reality” ambigram on the iconic cover. Airy vocal harmonies blow like fresh breezes. Strummed acoustic guitars amicably intermingle with plaintive percussive beats. Warmth, relaxation, and poignancy envelop the performances and create sensations of bliss, peace, and honesty. Songs flower with majestic melodies and emotionally direct lyrics. It’s a rare album that invites and makes you feel, restores one’s faith, and renews one’s appreciation for all life offers.
Mastered from the original master tapes, this collectable hybrid SACD possesses seemingly limitless dynamics, reference-grade presence, and expansive soundstages. The seamless, effortless integration of the group’s vocals has always been a high point of American Beauty, and when you hear it here, you’ll want every record you own to sound half as good. Every member’s distinctive singing resounds with tube-like clarity; the intended expressionism is as plain as day. Instruments, too, resonate in glorious Technicolor. The supple tension of Phil Lesh’s bass lines, charismatic timbres of Jerry Garcia’s pedal-steel fills, and interwoven dialogue between the pianos and percussion are rendered with lifelike scale and tone.
Made just months after its companion release, Workingman’s Dead, the San Francisco legends’ second 1970 masterpiece furthers the former work’s close-knit relationship between country and folk while adding extra rock and bluegrass currents. Understated amplified passages, graceful melodies, layered singing, and old-time string flavors—including mandolin work from masterful guest David Grisman—bestow the material with easygoing, comfortable vibes. Again taking advantage of the best songwriting of Robert Hunter’s career, the Dead turns in its most collective studio performance, with every individual contributing equally and ...]]>
<![CDATA[ The Band - Cahoots]]> https://www.ccd.pl/the-band-cahoots-p192060/ <img src='https://www.ccd.pl/covery/UDSACD2045_A.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr>New Numbered Limited-Edition and Mini-LP Style Packaging! Get Let in on a Secret: Legendary Quintet’s 1971 Album an Overlooked Gem Historically overlooked, Cahoots stands as one of The Band’s finest efforts and includes contributions from iconic pianist/arranger Allen Toussaint and Irish bard Van Morrison, whose feverish duet with Band vocalist Richard Helm on “4% Pantomime” is the equivalent of two poker players trying to outsmart one another. A similar carnivalesque spirit infuses the entire set. If you’re missing this album or simply never heard it, you’re in for a treat. And there’s never been a better opportunity to experience Cahoots. Remastered from the original master tapes by Mobile Fidelity’s expert engineers, the record sounds more open, detailed, warm, and revealing than ever before. This Hybrid SACD version is guaranteed to bring you right into the Bearsville studio where it all went down. ...]]> <![CDATA[ Pixies - Bossanova]]> https://www.ccd.pl/pixies-bossanova-p1955/ <img src='https://www.ccd.pl/covery/UDSACD2035_A[1].jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr>