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John Surman , Terje Rypdal

Nordic Quartet

Surman-Krog-Rypdal-Storaas - Nordic Quartet 01. Traces (7:14) 02. Unwritten Letter (3:49) 03. Offshore Piper (2:10) 04. Gone to the Dogs (3:59) 05. Double Tripper (6:19) 06. Ved Sørevatn (8:06) 07. Watching Shadows (5:20) 08. The Illusion (5:57) 09. Wild Bird (7:31)
  • John Surman
  • Terje Rypdal - guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Q (6/95, p.128) - 3 Stars - Good - "...a quartet that is immediatley striking for the absence of both bass and drums. Rypdal's presence....together with the consistent purity of Surman's tone, make this a record of atmospheric rather than melodic interest..." Down Beat (3/96, p.53) - 4 Stars - Very Good - "...NORDIC QUARTET finds common ground among John Surman's ruminative bass clarinet and soprano sax, Karin Krog's plaintive, understated vocals and Rypdal's tormented guitar work....recaptures the ECM sound John Surman soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, alto clarinet, bass clarinet Karin Krog voice Terje Rypdal guitar Vigleik Storaas piano