Club CD: Joe Stilgoe - New Songs for Old Souls
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Joe Stilgoe

New Songs for Old Souls

New Songs for Old Souls 01. Totally (3:03) 02. Nobody Cares Like Me (3:47) 03. Nothing's Changed (4:16) 04. Roll (3:40) 05. Rainbows in My Teacup (3:25) 06. Pocket Song (3:59) 07. Joe Stilgoe/Liane Carroll - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (4:45) 08. How to Fall in Love (3:44) 09. Two-Tones (3:38) 10. You're Funny (But I'm Not in Love) (3:22) 11. Too Late Now (5:24) 12. Gold On Silver (5:04)
  • Joe Stilgoe - vocal
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LP-180G 33rpm:

• Firmly established as a performer and songwriter of considerable skill, Joe Stilgoe gives a masterclass in nostalgia with a contemporary twist. • New Songs For Old Souls is Joe’s first studio album for Linn Records, following his signing to the label in 2014. • The album comprises twelve songs with ten terrific originals by Joe, including three thrilling big band numbers: ‘Nobody Cares Like Me’, ‘Pocket Song’ and a new version of ‘Gold On Silver’, previously heard on Songs On Film Live. • Joe’s seamless ability to mix contemporary style with a fond nostalgia for the Golden Era of Gene Kelly and Louis Prima means his ‘old soul’ finds a perfect match in these ‘new songs’. • Joe’s trademark catchy hooks and clever lyrics (full of intricate rhymes and clever twists reminiscent of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter) create an instant familiarity. • Joe also duets with Liane Carroll on a wistful cover of Brian Wilson’s ‘I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times’, one of the album’s two non-original songs. • New Songs For Old Souls will also be released Joe Stilgoe - w naszej ofercie


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